From toddlers to teenagers, families are always adapting their homes to suit their needs. In recent years, there has been an uptick in parents looking for renovations to make their homes more teenager friendly. This could be as simple as remodeling an existing playroom or as comprehensive as putting on an addition to create a new hangout space.  No matter what size project you want to tackle, we have some great ideas for you to incorporate in your teenager-friendly home renovation.

Comfort is Key

Creating a comfortable teen hangout space does not have to break the bank. For some great photos of teen lounge spaces, check out this gallery on Houzz. They recommend choosing furniture with built-in storage, sectional sofas, and relaxing chairs like bean bag chairs or papasan chairs. Choose easy to clean fabrics, have durable flooring like bamboo or even laminate flooring installed, and have walls painted neutral colors. Let your teens choose some art for the walls that reflects their personalities.

Keep Them Busy

You don’t have to be a cruise director to keep teens entertained at your home. Offering outdoor and indoor entertainment options is a good way to keep teens occupied year-round. Outside, adding a basketball hoop and having some lawn games like ladder ball are fun options for spring and summer. Inside, if you have the space available, setting up a pool table or air hockey table is a great way to start some friendly competition. It almost goes without saying, but you’ll also want to have a dedicated television, speedy internet, and maybe some video games, as well. We’ve also renovated garages and turned them into pool houses which would be a great spot for teens- close enough to keep an eye on but also far enough away to keep the noise from being a nuisance. Don’t forget to designate some parking for visitors so you can maintain easy access to your home.

Odds and Ends

Don’t forget to feed them! Teens are notoriously hungry, so if you want to be the hangout spot, you better start shopping. Keeping a variety of snacks and drinks on hand is an easy way to win friends.  Other suggestions for making your home the hangout spot is to have an adult present but on the periphery. “Supervision is crucial during the teen years…Parents can subtly remind kids of their presence by throwing in a load of laundry or offering snacks.”

For parents who want to keep their kids close while they can, the best way to achieve that is to make your home the go-to hangout spot. Talk to your kids and see what they would want in their own space. It could even be a project that you design together.