The evolution of the modern bathroom has taken it miles beyond basic function. A well-equipped full bath will, of course, supply a sink, shower and/or tub, and toilet. There’s no reason, however, why these features must be dull and boring. A well-planned modern bathroom can offer stylish function, creating a soothing, spa-like space that’s attractive and comfortable. Efficiently equipped and designed, its sophisticated features will help you with morning preparations and provide that quiet reprieve after a long day.   

If you’re looking for primary bathroom design ideas, or inspiration for another bath in your home, the following modern amenities can help you create a beautiful, relaxing oasis that you’ll enjoy for years to come.  

Include a Soaking Tub

Contemporary Master Bathroom Remodel in Forest Bend, Dallas TX

A soaking tub is designed for exactly that – leisurely soaks in the tub. These elegant freestanding tubs include two types, clawfoot and pedestal. Obviously, the clawfoot tub stands independently on its own feet, and the pedestal rests on a base that supports and secures it in place. Taller and often wider than a standard tub, soaking tubs offer features that help homeowners relax and manage stress, recover from intense workouts, and decompress from a long day. From ergonomic features designed for gentle support to massaging water jets and added insulation to keep the water warm, the soaking tub offers a higher level of comfort and therapeutic benefits.

Often the focal point of the room, soaking tubs come in various materials, finishes, and coatings that suit most any décor. From porcelain-enameled cast iron, acrylic, and resin to fiberglass, copper, and concrete, these tubs are attractive and hold up well under regular use. Since they’re available in several sizes, even a modest-sized bathroom can often accommodate one into the design plan.   

Choose a Curbless Shower

Beige-and-White-Light-Bathroom-with-Copper-Shower-Fixtures-in-Bellbrook-Estates-DallasA curbless shower not only offers sleek, modern features, it lends a spacious appearance and flow to most any bathroom. Situated in the corner, center, or even in a wet room next to the tub, the curbless shower is a highly functional asset. Without a threshold, its curb-free design also offers safe, easy access for anyone with limited mobility.

Depending on the shower’s size and placement, homeowners may choose custom glass or sliding doors for water containment and/or privacy. Popular amenities include built-in shelves or niches to house soap and similar necessities, grab bars, a bench, and fixed, handheld, waterfall, massage, or other type of shower head. The curbless shower offers a myriad of design options using materials that include decorative tile, marble, and natural stone. These easy to clean showers offer the attractive, seamless look that can help create your perfect bathroom sanctuary.

Marble Offers the Ultimate Luxurious Look and Feel

Neutral Master Bathroom with Carrara Marble Tile & Counter in Preston Hollow Dallas

Marble is a popular and versatile choice for the modern bathroom. From vanity countertops and backsplashes to floors, tub, and shower surrounds, it adds a luxurious look and feel to the space. Complementing any design style, this durable natural stone holds up well to everyday splashes, spills, and general use.

Although marble should be sealed upon installation and regularly thereafter, the easy to clean surface will retain its classic beauty for years to come. Marble is a smart investment that not only adds an elegant touch, it adds long term value to your home.

The Double Vanity – Twice the Convenience

Black-and-White-Modern-Bathroom-with-Double-Vanity-in-Midway-Highlands-DallasThe double vanity is nearly always a smart addition to a bathroom. It not only enables use by more than one person, it provides extra counter and cabinet space as well. With careful planning, even smaller bathrooms can accommodate a double vanity. Functional, roomy, and attractive, they store everything from hair and shaving tools to towels, soap, and other necessary items.

Design options for the vanity range from traditional to contemporary. Choices include standard or furniture base cabinets, floating vanities, those with drawers or drawers and shelves, or industrial style with plumbing visible beneath. Personalize the double vanity area with your choice of cabinet finishes, sinks and countertop materials, fixtures, lighting, and hardware. With its luxurious combination of function and beautiful features, the double vanity has the potential to be the stunning focal point of the bathroom.

Install In-drawer Outlets

In-drawer outlets add convenience and organization to your bathroom vanity space. They supply power for your personal grooming tools such as hair dryers, curling and flat irons, and electric razors and toothbrushes. No more fighting with messy and tangled cords, in-drawer outlets reduce clutter and help streamline your daily routine. Installed as either integrated power strips or outlets, they free up counter space and help provide an upscale and more relaxing bathroom experience.

Use Integrated LED Vanity Lights

Primary Bathroom RemodelLED lights are known for their energy efficiency and long lasting performance. Well suited for various applications, LED lights are perfect for use in any bathroom. Easily integrated into the vanity, mirrors, cabinetry, and tub/shower areas, they provide ample and even illumination. Available in a variety of styles such as stand-alone fixtures, sconces, strips, or recessed lighting, they emit less heat, and help reduce utility costs. Functional and elegant, these lights are dimmable, helping to create the perfect ambiance for your daily tasks.  

Consider Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are a clever and popular feature for the modern bathroom. Offering that “hands-free” experience, water flows with a wave of the hand, and automatically shuts off when finished. With temperature and pressure control features, touchless faucets are a convenient option for young and old alike.

Since these faucets are touchless, they help prevent the spread of germs and create a more sanitary environment. Low maintenance and generally leak free, they’re available in a variety of styles and finishes that will complement most any design scheme.

Install a Water Closet and Tricked Out Toilet

Contemporary Master Bathroom Remodel in Forest Bend, Dallas TXThe water closet and luxury toilet are popular primary bathroom design ideas, as they offer elegant amenities to the ensuite area.  If you aren’t acquainted with the water closet, it’s a small room that houses just the toilet. The modern water closet provides privacy while allowing others to use the sink or tub/shower at the same time. Features include an exhaust fan, toilet paper dispenser, and shelves, if desired.

Luxury toilets, often placed in water closets, have high performance, water saving features, and streamlined designs for easy cleaning. Designed for optimum function and comfort, their amenities may include elongated or heated seats, foot warmer, touchless operation, bidet, and deodorizing and sound muffling options.

Can’t Go Wrong with Organized Storage

Most homeowners agree – storage is a necessary component to a functional bathroom. Storage without proper organization, however, can end up being a cluttered mess. Careful planning and design can create efficient storage areas that work for you, streamlining your daily routine while maintaining the relaxing atmosphere you desire.

Bathroom storage options include the walk-in closet, shelving, vanity drawers, built-in cabinets, benches, and if desired, an adjacent dressing area. These features keep necessary bath and grooming accessories, towels, linens, and other supplies organized and close at hand.

Include a Walk-in Closet

Preston Hollow Modern Luxury Primary Closet

The walk-in closet takes the standard, smaller closet up a notch by offering additional shelving, cabinetry, and other features that store clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens. In addition to storage, walk-in closets free up space in or around the bathroom, creating a more spacious area in which to relax and recharge. Conveniently located within or close to the primary or other bathroom, it promotes organization, helps reduce clutter, and maximizes overall storage potential.

Warm Up the Room with Radiant Heat Flooring

A warm bathroom floor adds a cozy and luxurious feel to the space, especially during the colder months. Radiant heated floors are a welcome addition, adding function and value to your home. Installed beneath the flooring, radiant floors are customized to each bathroom, providing even heating throughout. These energy efficient floors have temperature controls, designed to suit your level of comfort, adding to that spa-like experience in your bathroom.

The two types of radiant heat floors include electric and hydronic. Electric uses specially designed elements to warm the floor, and hydronic uses tubing filled with hot water that circulates throughout. Installed prior to floor installation, both types work well to keep your floors and feet toasty.  

Design a Focal Point for Your Modern Bathroom

Charming Historical Hall Bathroom Remodel in DallasMost any room benefits from a well designed focal point, and the bathroom is no exception. Create a visually pleasing and relaxing space by choosing a main feature that anchors your design scheme. Whether a soaking tub, vanity, accent wall, special artwork, or custom tile, you can add interest and character, enhancing the bathroom experience.  As you choose your focal point, consider the colors and design elements that best suit your tastes and style.  

Enhance your focal point with decorative lighting, mirrors, flooring, tile, paint, and wall coverings. Add texture, contrast, and interest with throw rugs, linens, framed prints, and so on. These accessories will complement the focal point, creating a space you’ll enjoy now and in the future.

Bringing it All Together

Whether you choose a few or all of these modern bathroom design ideas, you can certainly create a beautiful and relaxing space – your own mini oasis.  

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