Best Contractor in 2023Dallas, Texas is an exceptional location for residential properties due to its dynamic blend of economic opportunities, vibrant culture, and desirable quality of life. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Dallas offers a thriving job market and it attracts professionals from various industries. Thanks to its economic prosperity, cultural richness, and recreational offerings, Dallas provides an ideal setting for individuals and families seeking a rich and fulfilling residential experience. Here are the area’s eight best residential general contractors.

Blackline Renovations is a highly regarded Design-Build firm based in Dallas. Thanks to the comprehensive approach it takes to residential projects, it offers clients a seamless experience from concept to completion. The company’s dedication to proper design, budgeting, and exceptional service ensures the success of each project. Clients can rely on Blackline Renovations to streamline the entire renovation process, alleviating stress and simplifying what can be a complex undertaking.

Led by Chris Black, the president and owner, Blackline Renovations has transformed clients’ visions into reality since 2002. Chris’ meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality service consistently deliver award-winning projects, leaving homeowners satisfied. As a Certified Remodeler and Certified Green Professional, Chris brings extensive knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring ultimate client satisfaction. Blackline Renovations has also been featured in various publications, including housedigest, Building Savvy, Remodeling Magazine, and Kev’s Best. Read Entire Article