Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes sense to plan for the features you desire for both aesthetics and functionality when you’re remodeling. To get you started, here are some of the must-have features Dallas homeowners are requesting for their kitchen remodels.

A Kitchen Island

White Open Kitchen with Wooden Floor
If your existing kitchen has an island, you probably can’t imagine doing without it. If you don’t have an island, consider adding one. Your island will become the focal point of your kitchen and will serve as a place to prepare foods, gather and provide additional storage. In addition to providing additional countertop surface, islands can include sinks or cooktops as well.

A kitchen island can be configured in many sizes to suit the size and shape of your kitchen. For a sizeable kitchen, a large, freestanding center island with counter seating is often optimal. For a narrow kitchen, you might forgo the seating and create an island ideal for work surfaces. Even a tiny island serves a useful purpose in your Dallas kitchen.

A Workstation Sink

Highland Park High-end Luxury Kitchen Remodel
One of the must-have kitchen features is a workstation sink designed to perform several tasks that help you prepare food, cook and clean. Workstation sinks can include features like a cutting board, accessories ledge, dish drying rack, colander, or ice holder to help you chop food, wash items and clean up in one location with minimal effort.

More Prep Space

Transitional Galley Kitchen Remodel on the M-Streets in Dallas Island
You can never have enough counter space! In your Dallas kitchen remodel, design for how you will use your kitchen. Whereas older kitchens were designed for one cook, larger modern kitchens allow space for multiple cooks. To accommodate everyone, consider work zones with varying countertop heights and countertop space with an island or peninsula that can serve as both a prep area and a serving station.

Specific Storage

One of the joys of your remodeled kitchen can be the perfectly-designed storage areas for specific usage. Here are some of the most popular storage options for your Dallas kitchen:

  • WiStoragene cooler and wine rack. Keep a few bottles of wine on hand and ready to serve.
  • A slim pull-out drawer. Use every inch of space between cabinets and walls with a narrow pull-out drawer that can includes shelves for herbs and spices, built-in containers for kitchen utensils, or compartments for baking sheets.
  • Divided drawers. Install dividers in kitchen drawers for a finished, designer look and to enable quick access to kitchen tools and flatware.
  • Deep drawers. Store pots and pans in a deep drawer with a shallow pull-out drawer for lids.
  • Pull-out drawers. Have easy access to stored items with a pull-out cabinet drawer.
  • Tray storage cabinet. Accommodate oversized baking sheets, pizza pans, cutting boards and serving platters with a custom tray storage cabinet with dividers to store these large items vertically.
  • Corner storage. Don’t lose items or forget about them in the back of a corner space. Install a two-tiered carousel that enables easy access to corner-cabinet items.
  • A pet feeding station. Include your pet’s needs in your kitchen by installing a slide-out serving shelf for pet bowls, and nearby storage for pet food.
  • Trash and recycling stations. Separate trash, recyclables and other waste with individual bins within a pull-out drawer.

Ceiling-Height Cabinetry

COTY 2014 Reginal Kitchen Interior Winter

Take advantage of the extra height and build in elegance by extending your upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Store rarely-used items on top shelves to minimize clutter and reduce dust and grime that can accumulate on traditional upper cabinets. Use cabinets of different sizes and moulding features to add visual interest.

Upper Cabinet Glass Doors

U-Shaped Transitional Kitchen Remodel in Addison, TX
You’ve spent a lifetime collecting beautiful glassware, dishes, service bowls and collectibles. Show them off with glass doors on your upper cabinets. For added effect, add interior cabinet lighting.

Uncluttered Countertops

University Park Farmhouse Kitchen With Modern Touch Remodel

Keeping your countertops clear of clutter makes preparing meals a breeze. In addition, it keeps your kitchen looking tidy. Some of the popular must-have features for reducing kitchen clutter include:

  • Appliance garages. Don’t like the look of all those small appliances on your countertop? Consider hiding them in on-the-counter custom cabinets complete with electrical outlets.
  • Hanging racks. Create easy access to your frequently-used cooking pots and tools with wall- or ceiling-mounted hanging racks. Wall-mount a magnetic knife holder.
  • In-drawer solutions. Customize your drawers to accommodate your favorite kitchen tools that normally would sit on your countertop.
  • Create a coffee station. Gather all the items needed for your morning coffee routine into a contained coffee station.
  • Use a beautiful tray. For cooking items you use daily, like salt and pepper, group them together on a lovely tray placed near your cooking surface.

Flexible Lighting

Royal Northaven Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

When remodeling your Dallas kitchen, lighting is another important consideration. Having flexible lighting options can transform your kitchen into a multi-use and multi-functional space.

  • Overhead lighting. You have a plethora of options for gorgeous lighting fixtures, like pendant lights, chandeliers, track lighting, flush-mount lighting, ceiling fan/light combinations, and more.
  • Task lighting. Plan to specially illuminate areas where most kitchen tasks will be performed to make it easier to read recipes, prep food and avoid shadows.
  • Accent lighting. Accent lighting below or inside cabinets or shelves can highlight features of your kitchen. Accent lighting can also spotlight a favorite piece of art or heirloom.
  • Ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is the overall lighting for your kitchen space. Install customizable features like dimmers that regulate the amount of light, or controls to light various portions of your room individually.

Smart Appliances

Kitchen Cabinets 101

The latest smart appliances provide high-tech amenities designed to enhance your life. Sometimes called “connected appliances,” the newest models offer app, voice-enabled or artificial intelligence-powered controls, real-time notifications and smart updates. Many even come with cameras and touchscreens connected through Wi-Fi. Smart appliances, like those with the Energy Star designation, can help save on utility bills.

Docking Drawer A Docking Drawer

Today’s generations manage their lives through their mobile devices. To keep these electronic devices charged and easily within reach, a docking drawer with its very own power strip can create an entire charging station while keeping these items off of the countertops.

Dallas Kitchen Remodeling with Blackline Renovations

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