Every Dallas kitchen should be as unique and exceptional as its Lone Star homeowner. Whether you’re designing a new kitchen from scratch or renovating a historic kitchen mansion, knowing what’s trending in 2020 is useful to help guide your distinctive creativity and boundless enthusiasm.

True to the Texan nature of finding a way to make your day better, our design team has assembled the top ten trends that they have observed. By following these timely recommendations we hope that you will have the most functional and beautiful kitchen for this year and beyond!


Preston Hollow Chef's Kitchen Renovation

Trend 1: “The Living Kitchen”

No kitchen design trend is more striking and influential this year than the shift away from “Show Kitchens” to more functional, sustainable, and comfortable cooking and eating spaces. The trend is fueled by practicality, new materials, and high tech, and has changed the whole game.

Homeowners throughout Dallas are eagerly embracing ultra-modern aesthetics, efficient layouts, performance-based components, sophisticated appliances, and technology-enhanced experiences. Winning “living” kitchens are gorgeous to look at and easy to live and work in.


Trend 2: “The Colorful Kitchen”

Trend 2: “The Colorful Kitchen”

Instead of showing off their kitchens, Dallas bon vivants now prefer a relaxing place for family and friends to cook, eat, and hang out. Phasing out are the clinical all-white kitchens, replaced by vibrant pops of color and eye-catching patterns on bold surfaces and modern kitchenware.

Variety is the spice of life — and today’s Texan kitchens! Not only are designers using creative paint and wallpaper combinations, but experimenting with polished metals on surfaces and fixtures, including nickel knobs, brass sinks, pewter hardware, and copper accents.


Hollywood Heights Vivid Kitchen Renovation

Trend 3: “The Contrasting Kitchen”

Another strong aesthetic trend for 2020 and beyond is the use of powerful contrasts in style and texture. Keep some of your white surfaces and decors, but bring out sharp and distinctive contrasts with dark floors, natural island units, and colorful sliding doors and cabinetry.

Sherwin-Williams named exotic and deep Naval as their Color of the Year, and that’s not surprising. Dark blue is especially gorgeous for cabinets and accents throughout your new or renovated kitchen, pairing perfectly with copper and gold fixtures for a sophisticated look.


University Park Farmhouse Kitchen With Modern Touch Remodel

Trend 4: “The Back to Nature Kitchen”

With practicality comes a desire for unpretentiousness and naturalness, brought literally to life in this year’s kitchens by natural woods. Untreated wood contrasts beautifully with metal, plastic, and multicolored surfaces, and is perfect for beams, walls, and other supportive structures.

Natural, unfinished woods and textures also spur an organic mood and are ideal for countertops and an open kitchen island and its sides. Gorgeous dark grains look exquisite and create a comfortable atmosphere on your range hood, cabinets, and other surfaces and fixtures.


Lake Highlands Open Kitchen Remodel

Trend 5: “The Open Kitchen”

Texans love space, so it’s no accident that Dallas kitchens are increasingly open in layout, adding comfort and making cooking a breeze. Designers suggest rearranging fixtures and appliances, and if possible expanding square footage by removing walls between rooms.

If you’re combining your kitchen with other living spaces, or designing a new spacious kitchen from the ground up, make sure you seamlessly blend colors, styles, and furnishings from room-to-room. Your new open kitchen needs to feel a natural part of your wonderful home.


Trend 6: “The Practical Kitchen”

Trend 6: “The Practical Kitchen”

Open kitchens demand open shelves, not dark and deep cabinets which are vestiges of the showy kitchen. Folks are instead using open shelving to breathe life and personality into otherwise hum-drum areas. Stop hunting for that lost dish at the back of your crowded cabinets!

Open shelving is also great for displaying your cool accessories and classy kitchenware. Showcase your beautiful accoutrements and enjoy the convenience of having all your tools of the culinary trade immediately visible and effortlessly accessible. Open shelves look sharp, too.


Highland Park Timeless Kitchen Renovation

Trend 7: “The Hidden Storage Kitchen”

The Dallas desire for open roominess and creature comfort has transformed small, dingy pantries and cumbersome storage areas into roomy but hidden pantries. Sliding doors are unobtrusive, their surfaces ripe for bright colors and bold patterns to add creative zing.

Discreetly adding storage and square footage is also done through island units with built-in seating, pull-out ladders on walls, pop-up units, and embedded appliances, drawers, and shelves. Hidden stations holding toasters, blenders, and coffee makers keep countertops clear.



Trend 8: “The Tiptop Countertops Kitchen”

Speaking of countertops, make sure to choose materials that are easy to maintain and match your kitchen’s colors, finishes, and styles. They all have pros and cons: quartz, for example, is non-porous and stain resistant; marble is classier, but stains easily and is harder to clean.

Regardless which material you choose, today’s countertops balance form with function: Part of that involves good planning, resulting in a layout that leaves plenty of room for food prep, makes cleaning easy, and looks terrific. Which appliances and where you put them are important, too.


Royal Northaven Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

Trend 9: “The Smart Kitchen”

Does your refrigerator talk to you? Well, it soon might! Hi-tech appliances have become prominent in Dallas kitchens, including vacuum drawers, steam ovens, and advanced fridges that save energy and keep food fresher for longer. Wifi and USB connections are already here.

These increasingly sophisticated devices are smaller, more efficient and compact. They trend perfectly with the shift to more open, practical, and sleek kitchen designs. Pretty soon you’ll be using Alexa and Siri to talk back to your appliances and tell them what to do. Start now.


Trend 10: “The Top-Down Kitchen”

Trend 10: “The Top-Down Kitchen”

Ceiling and wall lighting is essential for efficiency and atmosphere, and also controllable through Google Home and other virtual assistants. Team with your designer to ensure that your whole kitchen is well-lit and flexibly illuminated for just the right people, purpose, and dining mood.

Yes, kitchen designs are looking up in 2020 — and so should you! Wood or metal beams structurally transform your ceiling from traditional to modern, while paneling, wallpaper, and distinctive colors help create just the right experience for you, your family, and guests.


Trend Bonus: “The Jaw-Dropping Kitchen”

Trend Bonus: “The Jaw-Dropping Kitchen”

And don’t forget to take every opportunity to bring “wow” to your new kitchen, starting with your sink. Often taken for granted yet always used, transform a typical sink into a creative statement. Choose from diverse shapes, sizes, finishes, styles, and metals, including copper or brass.

If a sink is usually taken for granted then your centerpiece range hood immediately catches everyone’s eye — so why not make it even more striking by contrasting it with dark paint against your light cabinets, or use a creative material like reclaimed natural wood or polished metal?


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