A Well Defined Business Plan and Method Yields Success and Satisfaction, for Chris Black and Jenifer Wiley, and Their Clients

July 2021 — We are excited to announce that Building Savvy has featured Blackline Renovations.

“Chris Black says he had a natural inclination toward construction. “During my high school years growing up in Atlanta, I much preferred summer jobs on a construction site over working in a restaurant. My job titles ranged from ditchdigger, to framer to general gopher,” he says. His early reputation for reliability also kept him busy during holidays and over college breaks.

Chris went to Clemson with the anticipation of earning a degree in Business. But once he learned about Clemson’s Construction Management program, Chris soon changed his degree path. “Clemson has an excellent program, which taught me every aspect of the construction industry, including engineering, blueprints, soils, and surveying. Then for two years of the program we ran a fictitious company to learn the business side of things,” he said.” [Read the entire article on pages 12-14]

Many thanks to The Savvy List for spotlighting Blackline Renovations in their Builder Savvy Dallas-Fort Worth July Edition.