(In the kitchen above, we used reclaimed pine for the floors from a supplier called Old Texas Wood that takes old wood from homes, barns, etc. and mills it to use for flooring.)

Home remodeling and renovation projects meld easily with green design and construction strategies. The ability to work within or near an existing structure offers many opportunities to consider repurposing materials and space, renewing finishes and fixtures, and recycling unwanted items. During the planning phase of your next home renovation project, work with your design-build team that has a certified green professional (CGP) still being environmentally conscious.

Repurpose Your Space

Home renovations do not have to include adding on square footage to home. Many homeowners choose to take an existing space in their home and renovate it to create something entirely new. An unused garage makes an excellent in-law apartment or pool house. An unfinished attic can make a beautiful master bedroom suite and small closets can be turned into a powder room for guests.

Renew Your Home

Going green during a home remodeling project is not only a good choice for the earth, it’s also a healthy choice for you. There are so many green materials to choose from if you don’t want to repurpose or refinish existing items. When you choose low-VOC paints, you reduce indoor air pollution significantly. Installing bamboo, cork or reclaimed wood floor instead of carpet will also improve indoor air quality as new carpet also emits VOCs. Countertops can now be made from recycled glass or paper, or even renewable bamboo.

Recycle Your Materials

Let your contractor know that you want to donate any salvageable materials so they can keep that in mind during demolition. Then you can donate your still-usable but unwanted cabinets, materials, countertops, and appliances to a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. These stores resell the items and use the proceeds to fund future Habitat for Humanity building projects. There are several Habit for Humanity Restores located in and around Dallas.  You can also take materials from one room and use them for another project. Old barn doors find new life as dining room tables. Dated wood paneling can be cut down to create crown molding. Get your contractor’s opinion on what items can be reused, as not all materials will be a good match.

Potential cost-savings is an added bonus of green remodeling as there are many programs that offer rebates or other incentives to homeowners who choose energy-efficient or energy-creating items. EnergyStar is a voluntary program offered through the EPA to help homes and businesses save money while going green.  No matter how you decide to “green” your home, work with an expert who can help you sort through the options. Blackline Renovations’ own Chris Black is a certified green professional (CGP) with the training and tools to give you the design you love while still remaining environmentally friendly.