Many people bring home souvenirs after vacation- trinkets to remind them of their travels across the world. Instead of just putting them on a shelf, what if you used the colors in your new scarf or designs in your stone trivet to inspire a home renovation project? When travel inspires remodeling, your home can feel like a holiday everyday.


Signature aspects of French design include soft, neutral shapes repeated throughout a space with access of gold or bronze. Antique ornately carved pieces can be incorporated with more modern, comfortable pieces for an accessible Parisian feel. Tall, arched windows and a brick exterior will complete the look.

More French home design inspiration:

  • Steeply pitched, slate roofs
  • Porch with intricate railings and columns
  • Exterior copper trim

Spain and Italy

The cornerstones of Mediterranean design and architecture include tile roofs, stucco exteriors, and earth tones like terra cotta, muted gold, and brick red. Mediterranean homes also prize the fluid movement between inside and outside, so large patio doors opening into an open floor plan living, dining, and kitchen area would be a welcome addition.

More Mediterranean home design elements:

  • Bright, primary colored accents in tile or backsplashes
  • Sophisticated, detailed wooden doors or iron railings
  • Granite or marble floors


After returning from a trip to the Hill Country, you may want to include more rustic, country aspects to your home. Landscaped backyards with pool houses can offer access to outdoor entertainment year round. Large picture windows would also offer a view of your backyard. Natural wood offers a homey feeling when used to frame windows or as exposed beams in a vaulted ceiling.

More Texas home design features:

  • Sandstone walkway
  • Native plants in the landscape like a wildflower garden
  • Brass and iron accents

No matter where your travels take you this summer, snap pictures of the design and architectural pieces that inspire you: arches, walkways, fountains, doors, plazas, gardens, etc. We’d love to transform your vacation inspiration into a home renovation that will bring you joy for a lifetime.