Home renovation projects may seem daunting to parents with children at home, but they don’t have to be. In fact, we’ve worked with clients who have renovated while expecting a new babyand been thrilled with the results. Here are a few things to take into consideration when you’re planning for a home remodeling project with kids underfoot.


One of the biggest concerns that arises when it comes to renovating with children around is lead. Lead is a particularly challenging issue as, “older homes built before 1978 likely contain lead in the interior and exterior paint.Lead exposure and poisoningcan have devastating effects on child development. According the Centers for Disease Control, lead affects nearly every system in the body and is especially harmful to the developing brain and nervous system of fetuses and young children.” Asbestos also often lurks ceilings, flooring, and siding. Any safety concerns around a home renovation can be easy addressed by hiring a licensed contractor who demos and disposes of any harmful materials appropriately.


Kid-friendly home design should stand the test of time. It would be easy to outfit your home to work well for young children, but those small kids grow up fast. Thinking ahead to the teenage and adult years can be helpful while you plan your home remodeling project. Rather than lowering countertops in a bathroom, consider helping smaller children navigate the space with a sturdy step stool. Playrooms are also easily transformed into teenage hangoutswith a few tweaks.


Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. There are some great-looking and durable materials you can use during a home renovation project that don’t scream “Kids live here!” Bamboo floorsare not only beautiful, but extremely strong, stain resistant, and easy to clean making them a great addition to a playroom. If you choose to add carpet your children’s bedroom, it’s suggested that you use an area rug made with naturalfibers without a foam pad in lieu of wall-to-wall carpet to reduce exposure to potentially-harmful VOCs.

If you’re thinking about a home renovation project, give us a call so we can talk through the possible challenges and brainstorm solutions for your space and your lifestyle. I’m confident that you’ll discover that a design-build renovation project is easier than you think.