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During your home renovation project, we’ll be spending A LOT of time together. Let’s get off to a great start- shall we?

Minimize Distractions

We want to keep you all for ourselves- especially for that first date. At this first meeting, we’re trying to see if we’re a good fit for you and if you feel the same. Put that cell phone away, put the dogs outside, have someone watch those young kids and give us your full attention- we’ll surely return the favor. If we aren’t really focused during that first meeting, we might be making a huge mistake in taking the next steps.

Be Honest

Before we even meet, have an open conversation with anyone else who will be involved in your project- husband, wife, partner, best friends, kids. Make sure you’re all on the same page about finances and the major changes you’ll be making. We’re great listeners, but we can’t read minds. We need to know what real problems we’re trying to solve and the more open you are with us, the more we can help you.

Save Something for the Second Date

As fun as it is to start discussing paint colors, we’re just not there yet. At this first meeting, we really want to get to know you and make sure that we are going to work well together. Home renovation projects can last many months, so it’s important that we spark from the start.

Just like a great date (or a bad one), the relationship you have with your contractor will impact your life for years to come. Make sure it’s a match made in heaven.