There are a lot of benefits to buying a home that needs work. With a fixer upper, you get to customize your own design and structural elements to craft a home that truly fits you. But before you get lost in Pinterest and vision boards, there are a few realities to consider before you buy a home that needs substantial renovations.

Foundation is Crucial

Foundation problems are home renovation project kryptonite. That’s not to say that foundation issues cannot be resolved, but they are sure to set back the timeline and increase the budget. Purchasing a home with a solid foundation will free up much needed capital that you can then spend on the projects you really want to tackle like that master bathroom remodel or full kitchen renovation. Tell-tale cracks in the foundation or uneven floors can be signs of larger problems you should look into before purchasing.

Get Real With Your Budget

Buying and renovating a home should be an exciting project and it can be when you budget for it. When you’re looking at a home to buy and fix up, think about the total budget you want to spend. Then decide how much of that budget you want to allocate to the home purchase and how much you want to dedicate to remodeling. With those numbers in mind, you can more easily find a home that fits your needs and budget. Remodeling can include anything from upgrading a kitchen to building a completely new addition. Fixtures and finishes, like the floating walnut shelves in the kitchen pictured, will make your new house a home that you’ll love for years to come.

Neighborhood is Non-Negotiable

The one thing you can’t change about your house is the location, so you better love your neighborhood. Are you close to the shops and amenities you need? What is your commute to work going to be like? Think about what living in your new home will be like, not just the fun upgrades you want to make to it. We can make your home renovation dreams come true once you’ve found the right spot.

No matter what home you buy, a thorough home inspection, performed by a licensed and certified home inspector, can clue you into many potential pitfalls or opportunities. Once you’ve gotten the keys to your new home, you can give us a call to start the transformation.