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Give in to spring fever with a fun weekend antiquing adventure, painting project or patio spruce-up. And whatever the weather, you can always feed your need to dig your hands in the dirt by starting some seeds indoors. Seven could-dos for your weekend, straight ahead.

6. Plant something. Whether you have a big edible garden or a few planters on the balcony, start keeping an eye on nighttime temperatures so you can get spring seeds and seedlings in the ground. If spring is slow to arrive in your neck of the woods, consider planting a tray or two of seeds indoors so you have seedlings ready to transplant when the weather warms.
7. Hang up some outdoor lights. With days lengthening and weather becoming more mild, it’s a good time to start getting those outdoor spaces ready for relaxing — and hanging up outdoor string lights is pretty much guaranteed to make any outdoor space more magical. Hang a strand or two across the patio or porch and turn them on in the evening to add ambiance to your gatherings.