Our clients don’t have horror stories to tell us about us after a home renovation. That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. When I founded Blackline Renovations, I was committed to doing business in a new way- streamlined and client-focused, with an emphasis on great communication. Blackline Renovations operates differently from other construction firms working with a hodge podge of designers, subcontractors, and office management. As a design-build firm, we work with clients from design through construction with one team and one point of contact.

Constant Communication

One of the main reasons we have a project manager onsite during home renovations projects is to maintain open lines of communication between our team, our specialty contractors, and the homeowner. With so many moving parts to manage during a home remodel, it’s so important to have someone onsite serving as the primary point of contact for questions and concerns. This helps everyone adhere to the timeline and address issues as soon as they arise, preventing further delays.

Quality Control

The construction teams that we work with have delivered exceptional results time after time. Along with our project manager, our teams work collaboratively to bring your vision for your home to life. Each project has its own unique needs and quirks. Having professional supervision onsite every day means that every member of the team stays on the same page throughout the duration of the project. We hold ourselves and everyone we work with to an extremely high standard and the onsite supervisor ensures that the highest quality of work is done everyday.

Peace of Mind

The onsite project manager is responsible for making all rules and regulations are taken care of from permit to punchlist. They will also ensure that the final construction is completed in accordance with the city’s zoning requirements. Our onsite project manager will inspect the project daily for security, safety, and cleanliness. You won’t have to worry if your home is well-cared for- you’ll see our onsite supervisor there everyday.

Onsite project supervision is something that I feel strongly about as a construction professional. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep a project on time and on budget, while delivering a superior end result. When you work with Blackline Renovations, you can be assured that your project is always under our watchful eye- from design through completion.