So much living goes on in the kitchen and with the open floor plan that is favored by so many homeowners the kitchen is on display for all to see. Kitchen cabinets take up so much real estate in the room that it’s important to choose a style that offers both functionality and storage without sacrificing style. Whether you want to change your kitchen cabinets as part of a total kitchen remodel or a smaller refresh, take some time to think through the options to give this high impact area the attention it deserves.

There are three options for kitchen cabinetry: stock cabinets, custom cabinets, or a blend of the two. While custom cabinets can be pricey, homeowners rarely regret spending the extra money to get exactly what they want and execute their design perfectly. Other homeowners make stock cabinets or customized stock cabinets work well in their kitchen design. Stock cabinets are available quickly and are far less expensive. Ultimately, budget and vision for the space will make this decision.

Trends in kitchen cabinets come and go like any other home furnishing. Despite its popularity a few years ago, open shelving proved largely impractical for daily life. Built-in glass door cabinets offer an opportunity for a decorative touch while still providing protection from dust. Today, high-end cabinets feature drawers rather than shelves which, “results in more accessible storage and organization, which is a top priority for clients to be sure that each and every kitchen item has its place.

Right now, we’re working on an addition and kitchen remodel in University Park and we’ll be sharing updates and progress on Instagram and Facebook. Follow along to see the process up close and let us know your thoughts.