There has been a competitive surge in household technology. Tech for your kitchen is smarter than ever; and rather than a house of the future, homeowners are looking to bring their current home to the present. Not only do these fancy gadgets look cool, but they are fun to use and can save you time, stress, and keep you productive. Choosing the right appliances during your kitchen remodel can be a challenge when there are so many options.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen and you’re looking for the most affordable and efficient smart technology for your new kitchen, read our list of 8 “smart” home kitchen items to invest in when remodeling your kitchen. If you’re interested in learning about the Blackline Renovations kitchen remodeling process, send us a message or give us a call at (214) 827-3747.


Best Smart Kitchen Technology To Purchase During Your Kitchen Remodel (2019)

Smart Vent Hood
One of the newest smart kitchen technologies on the market is the smart vent hood. It uses wireless sensors to monitor cooking vapors and temperature of the food you’re cooking. The vent hood, then uses this information to automatically adjust to an optimal setting for your kitchen at that time. Additionally, these products also have quieter fans and better lighting making it a perfect kitchen addition to add to your home.

Smart Stovetop
If you are the chef of the family, then you would love to invest in a smart stovetop. Most smart cooktops use electromagnetic fields to heat up your cookware called “induction.” This process allows for faster cooking times and a more accurate temperature control. But the “smart” aspect of these stovetops is the Bluetooth component that automatically communicates and syncs with your ventilation fan and other appliances. In addition to all this, smart stovetops can also use Wi-Fi to alert the owners to monitor their cooking from anywhere on their phones.

Smart Refrigerator/Freezer
Have you ever gotten to the grocery store and then suddenly realized you’re not sure what food to buy because you aren’t sure what you still have at home? Well, a smart refrigerator could be the answer to this problem and many more! Many of these futuristic refrigerators are equipped with high-tech features that let you see inside your fridge from your smartphone. Next time your grocery shopping you can simply check your refrigerator app to see if you need any refrigerated or frozen items. Many are also equipped with touch screens where you can upload recipes while you cook and has features that will alert you when food is about to expire.

Smart Oven Thermometer
Long gone are the days of opening the oven and dealing with a burst of heat so you can press a thermometer into your pork roast. A smart kitchen thermometer uses Bluetooth technology which sends notifications to your phone notifying you the current temperature or to notify you when your dish is done.

When the Amazon Echo first came out in 2014, it was primarily a smart speaker. That all changed when Alexa, the virtual agent that powers Echo became much more capable. When Alexa first hit the market, it was a scary reminder of how close we are to robots taking over the world. However, several years later Alexa is our best friend. Alexa can do a lot, but some of the most popular tasks are managing the thermostat, adjusting your home’s lighting, operating the security system, and even monitor your daily fitness and how well you sleep. For those of you who have a difficult time sleeping, Alexa can create her own white noise which blends all of the frequencies at the same tone to produce a soothing sound while hiding off-putting sounds.

Smart Vacuum
You’ve probably seen videos of pets riding home self-guided vacuums. The newest technology on the independent home vacuum lets you control the vacuum from wherever you are: work, store, your parents’ house. That means if you have unexpected company coming over or are running late you can lock into your smartphone and set the vacuum to go using your home’s Wi-Fi.

Pressure Cooker
Yep, you read that right. Your food prep standby is now a savvy piece of kitchen tech and one of the best ways to stay productive. Pressure cookers have been a staple in many homes for their ability to can foods and cook at increased speeds. However, today’s pressure cooker combines the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, as well as several independent devices such as rice maker, yogurt maker, and cake maker. It can steam, warm, and sauté. Seriously, the modern pressure cooker can do nearly anything including hooking up to your smartphone through Wi-Fi to let you monitor what’s cookin’.

Smart Shades
Smart shades can be operated from your smartphone, Alexa, or a number of other gadgets and devices. Smart shade technology can be set on a timer to open and close your shades. With smart shades, the morning light will help you wake up from the moment you step into the kitchen to make your cup of coffee and close at night when you’re in bed and realized you forgot to close the shades.



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Guest Author: Krista Harper