By: Delilah Farrell, Guest Contributor

Designing and redesigning your home will never be as easy as HGTV shows make it out to be, but there are some simple – and cheap- solutions that can help you get a little closer to your dream home.

One of the most important things to do with your home, when it comes to decorating, is to just be honest with yourself. If you don’t like something, change it. Your home is your oasis, so make it how you want it. Play around with DIY projects and redecorate; you never know how something will look until you try it! Check out these hacks that won’t hurt your wallet and may help you feel like you just stepped out of a home renovation reality TV show.


1. Flow into your layout

An important aspect of interior decorating is the layout of the furniture in your home. Traditional layouts like to have an item in the center that every other piece works around. Switch this up! A layout that allows rooms to flow together and feel more open is an easy way to make your home feel more modern.


2. Don’t be shy when it comes to paint

It’s a common misconception that any hint of extreme dark color makes a space appear smaller. According to House Method, you should use extreme darks (black/navy) contrasted with extreme brights (white/gold) to give the illusion of depth. This could even mean just small details are painted a bold color in an otherwise neutral room. For example: the inside of a doorway painted a bold color, or the legs of chairs and tables. Try it out, one piece at a time!


3. Cover the old to become new

This may seem like a cheap way out, but fabric coverings over old tables and chairs are a great way to put a spin on furniture, without purchasing new pieces. If a desk or dining  table is becoming rugged, splurge on some high end fabric to hang all the way to the floor. Your new tabletop can now look elegant and provide a hint of decor.


4. Backsplash will not get backlash

Backsplashes are a great way to fill in gaps of color or decor. A minimalized decorated room, like a kitchen, laundry room or entryway can have small and large spaces where backsplashes fit in perfectly. Fitting into a color scheme, or stepping out into a design, backsplashes can come in a variety of ways that are not breaking the bank. Peel and stick tiles and stickers are a great way to create a backsplash, as well as just painting the extra areas!


5. Elevate the cheap stuff

Although this may sound like it is drawing more attention to your less-exquisite items, it is actually just finding a way to spruce them up. Put things like dish soap, hand soap, sponges and cleaning utensils up on something like a cake holder or a small ledge. This will help the room look decluttered and a bit more put together!


6. Diversify your seating

Use fun shapes and texturized seating for all your rooms. If you want to throw a random chair into a room, do it! If you find a cool refurbished stool that could be an added seat in the living room, grab it. There are so many different types of chairs and seating arrangements that can make a room unique and more stylistic, in a playful way. You could even try furry and bright colors to bring another vibe in.


7. Let your ceilings feel high and mighty

If there is one thing that a room needs to feel elegant, it is high ceilings. Where you may not think it is possible in your home, think again. Creating windows that go up to the ceiling is a great way to make your room feel taller. But that can be expensive. Something that you can do to help this is have oversized curtains and hang the fabric higher than the top of the window. Some may call it cheating, some may also call it a stylistic illusion.


8. Let there be light

Speaking of windows, don’t block them! Nothing says “unattractive dungeon” like no light. Add light fixtures and make sure furniture in your room is not blocking windows. There is nothing more homey than natural sunlight peeking through the windows. And, there is nothing better to show off your beautiful furniture and hard work than some light. So, let there be light!