When a client comes to me with an idea for a home renovation project, we almost always start the conversation by talking about the big picture. We discuss increasing the square footage in a kitchen, how many bedrooms to add or expand, or even adding on an entire floor to a home. It’s important for us to get these foundational pieces nailed down so we can begin to sketch a rough scope of the project. However, we never move to the construction phase of building without working with the client to go over the details: materials, finishes, hardware, fixtures, appliances, and more. Without these detail pieces in place, we would be left to make decisions on the fly. As a design-build firm, we just don’t believe in making things up as we go along. Our process is rooted in comprehensive planning that doesn’t leave details to chance. Here’s three reasons why the details matter when it comes to home renovation.

  • Design

Designing a home renovation project almost always includes picking out paint and appliances, but hardware, fixtures, and finishes can have a huge impact on the overall design of a space. If a client wanted a sleek, modern kitchen, we certainly wouldn’t include heavy brass handles in the design specifications. Likewise, a client looking to renovate a garage into a pool house would be ill-advised to install hardwood floors in a space that will exposed to moisture. When it comes to design, we work with clients to make well-thought out decisions down to the door handles, so that their dream for their home becomes a reality.

  • Timeline

Like the tried and true saying goes, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Focusing on the details at the beginning of a home remodeling project means that materials can be ordered and that the right tradesman can be hired for the project prior to working starting. Without a firm grasp on the details, our projects would be subject to the whim of deliveries and other people’s schedules. We pride ourselves on getting projects done on time and a big part of that is the planning that takes place before we even break ground.

  • Budget

Details can have a huge impact on the final budget of a project. Changing from regular tile to travertine floors, from quartz to granite countertops, or even adding more ornate crown molding can increase the final budget. As we create our scope of work, we include these details in the budget so that clients get a full picture of the cost of the project, not just an overview. Surprises are never welcome during a home renovation, especially when it comes to money.

In order to give our clients the best possible customer service, it’s imperative that we establish not only the over-arching goals of a project, but that we also map out the fine details. This ensures that the clients achieve the look they want on time and on budget.