Our love of beautiful things is fueled daily by Instagram and Pinterest. But, like the weather, our tastes are fickle and change often. Last year, we talked about the upcoming home design and color trends for 2017. Here’s what we actually saw trending this year as we remodeled homes throughout Dallas.

Color Trends in 2017

New neutrals reigned supreme this year. Navy replaced black, millennial pink was everywhere, and metallic colors like gold were used as neutrals in so many palettes this year. Stark white was also replaced with more subdued tones like stone white and mushroom. Continued interest in “mid-century and bohemian-inspired décor [contributed to] the range of beiges, browns, and creams,” popular in 2017.

These new neutral colors played nicely with some bold counterparts like deep plum, Pantone’s color of the year greenery, turquoise, and yellows of all hues. Unlike years past, color clashing became color matching as all white décor declined. For those homeowners worried about making their interiors too loud, subtle pops of bright colors in backsplashes, kitchen cabinets, or upholstery added interest without becoming overwhelming.

Home Design Trends in 2017

In a mild climate like Dallas, we’re no strangers to enjoying the outdoors all year long. What’s become increasingly popular this year is extending the outdoor season further through renovation. That could be as simple as replacing a window with a sliding glass door to make your backyard more accessible. We’re continuing to see more homeowners refresh their outdoor space with updated patios and outdoor kitchens. Locally sourced materials are on the rise, which is especially useful in outdoor renovations. We’re lucky to have Austin limestone and Hill Country sandstone nearby to use in our projects.

Home interior looks included statement ceilings, brightly colored kitchen accents, and luxurious velvet upholstery. For the smallest members of the house, woodland nurseries were particularly popular with their soothing natural tones and materials.

What’s Coming in 2018?

Stay tuned- we’re sharing what’s fresh in design and color for 2018 next month. Until then, all of us at Blackline Renovations wish you and yours a peaceful and joyful holiday season.