If you’re looking to renovate your home, it’s a good idea to consider working with a designer, particularly if your project is large or complex.

It’s not uncommon for people to misunderstand what a designer does and the value in working with one. As a design-build firm, Blackline Renovations relies on close relationships with designers and architects, bringing them into a new remodel project early to explore multiple design options with its clients and their project’s associated costs.

To help you understand the unique benefits, we had the recent privilege of discussing the importance of a designer’s role in remodeling with Jenifer Wiley of J. Wiley Designs and friend of Blackline Renovations. Here’s a look at our discussion:

Q: What benefits do homeowners have in working with an experienced designer like yourself on a home remodeling project?

A: There are four main benefits of working with a designer and a design-build firm for your home remodeling project.

#1) It Saves You Time and Money

“The absolute number one benefit a designer brings to a home remodel project is saving you time and money,” Jenifer emphasized. “Designers are knowledgeable about all the details, from flooring, plumbing, and lighting choices, to cabinetry, and appliances, and are well acquainted with the remodeling process. We see the bigger picture, and by doing so, can help you prevent costly mistakes.”

#2) Better Space Planning

“Designers offer their experience and another perspective, as they see a space differently than a homeowner might. If there are strange layouts or pinch points within the home, for example, we can help solve those issues, making the space more functional, attractive, and suited to the homeowner’s needs.”

#3) Targeted Selection of Materials

“With an overwhelming selection of materials to choose from, a designer helps you select the right materials for your project, keeping your needs, personal tastes, and budget in mind. Without a designer, this selection process can seem overwhelming. With a designer, however, choices are personalized and targeted to best suit your needs and tastes.”

#4) Formulate a Cohesive Plan

“It’s important to make sure that each design element blends well and coordinates with the overall remodeling plan and the rest of the home. Designers help ensure that this big picture is cohesive and practical for you, not only according to your tastes, but so that it fits the architectural detail of the home, as well as your budgetary constraints.”

Couple having a Converation with Home Remodelers

Q: What can a homeowner expect the design process to look like?

A: While every designer or design-build firm may have their own unique processes, these are the general steps you can expect to take at J. Wiley Designs or Blackline Renovations: 

#1) We work closely in collaboration with you and create a floor plan for the project. This floor plan is essential as it drives everything that happens throughout the remodel process. The floor plan will also help provide a picture of how the remodel will look when finished so that you can envision it along the way.

#2) As the floor plan comes together, we acquaint ourselves with your needs and plans, and give special attention to the look and feel that you desire for your home. We also examine and consider the function and flow of the areas being remodeled, and take into consideration how it coordinates with the rest of your home.

#3) Our next consideration is finances, and we work with you to create a realistic budget. This gives us a framework and allowances with which to shop, and to creatively problem solve where necessary. As needed, we will suggest alternative options and choices that balance the budget and address your primary needs.

#4) Based on your preferences, we select materials to coordinate with your overall plan. We look for quality materials that coordinate well with your tastes and will suit the space being remodeled.

#5) Once the materials are selected, we create a curated palette just for your home. Our aim is to create an attractive, customized look that you will love for years to come.

#6) After you take time to review your curated palette, you make your final selections on each of the materials. Naturally, we work alongside you here too, discussing any alterations or changes as necessary.

#7) Finally, we create construction documents and send them to your design-build team to order. Your project is well on its way to completion!

During this process there are many advantages to having us work in collaboration with the contractor, as in a design-build firm. We help ensure that your plans and choices are feasible from the contractor’s standpoint, and help find alternative options if budget, structural, or other issues arise.”

Q: Why is it important to engage with a designer early in the remodeling process?

A: “It’s always a good idea to thoroughly discuss your needs and wants early in the design process to determine what you can feasibly design and build within your budget. It’s also important because it will help minimize mistakes or delays. Remodeling projects that use a designer from the start are more likely to run smoothly, on time, and within budget.”

Q: What is the value of working with a design-build team?

A: As a design-build firm, the design team and contractor have built trust and familiarity in working together. If the designers are not employed by the design-build firm, they are often contracted together. So, they speak the same language and are accustomed to working well together, which enables them to collaborate in an effective and efficient manner.

We work in tandem with the design-build firm to help ensure that your design plan comes to fruition. One of the designer’s responsibilities is to make sure that plans can be constructed and/or incorporated into the project from the design-build firm’s standpoint. We will also help accommodate any necessary alternatives for budgetary or other reasons.

Budget for home remodel

Q: What role does a designer play in budgeting a remodel project?

A: “As designers, we play a key role in helping homeowners with the overall remodeling budget. Keeping your needs and tastes in mind, we can make budget appropriate suggestions for achieving your customized look. With access to discounts on materials, we can share these savings with you. As experienced designers, we will also identify design traps early in the project, saving you time and money.”

Q: How does a designer act as an advocate for the homeowner?

A: “As your design team, our job is to be excellent listeners, and we work hard to facilitate your vision for your remodel. We are not just concerned about aesthetics, but about function, comfort, durability, and easy maintenance and cleaning, too. You can trust that our recommendations take all these important factors into consideration.

Our goal, as an excellent design team, is to help keep your project on track, within budget, and true to the customized plan for your home. We can translate what you are thinking into terms that the design-build firm can understand and implement.”

Q: How does a designer help save a homeowner money on a remodel?

A: “With decades of experience, we can foresee challenges with design and layout requests. We are educated in new technology and products that make your life easier. We help streamline product and material selections, keeping your choices focused on your  overall remodeling goals.”

Q: What final thoughts would you share that homeowners should know about working with a designer?

A: “A designer is there to support you, and to take you from what you can’t envision to the project’s conclusion that exceeds your expectations. We can help nudge you out of your comfort zone with tasteful, attractive, and functional possibilities that you likely have not previously considered. We lend confidence, helping you make better, customized choices to complement your remodel project.”

Interior Design Meeting

Blackline Renovations’ Thoughts on Working with a Designer

At Blackline Renovations, we’ve experienced firsthand how working with a designer is beneficial to the remodel process. Our knowledgeable team can testify to how this partnership streamlines the process, helping us customize projects to suit each homeowner’s specific needs. We believe that working with a  design team, in collaboration with the contractor, can enhance the remodeling process for our valued clients and complements our services as an award-winning design-build remodeling firm.

Since 2002, we have been assisting Dallas homeowners with all their remodeling needs. Our portfolio shares a glimpse of recent work, demonstrating our expertise in remodeling kitchens, bath and bedrooms, living and family rooms, utility and laundry areas, mudrooms, home additions, ADUs, and garages.

Our dynamic team has the necessary experience to guide homeowners through each step of the process. From initial consultation, planning stages, and signing the remodeling contract, to the renovation process and the beautiful finished product, we’re here to fulfill your every remodeling dream.

We would love to discuss your next remodeling project with you. Call us today at 214-827-3747 or schedule a consultation.

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