An important part of any kitchen remodeling project is choosing the interior layout. The floor plan influences how we go on to use the space when cooking, entertaining, or simply gathering as a family each day. The best kitchen layouts fulfill all functional and aesthetic requirements using the optimum amount of available room.

This article explores some of the popular kitchen layouts seen in Dallas homes that will hopefully give you a better idea of the design options available.


The Work Triangle Has Expanded to Work Zones

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When you think of kitchen design, you may be familiar with what is known as the ‘kitchen work triangle’ concept. For much of the last century, this has been the standard kitchen design rule and essentially describes an imaginary triangular outline between the sink, range, and refrigerator.

The kitchen work triangle was all about efficiency, and it worked wonders for most kitchens. Until that is, kitchens evolved into something more than simply a one-person cooking space. The way we use kitchens has changed, and so has the kitchen triangle, which today has been replaced by the concept of a dedicated ‘kitchen zone’.

These working zones are an answer to modern home kitchen lifestyles where two or more people often share cooking duties at the same time. Dedicated zones allow for increased functionality and versatility, where a kitchen area can also be used for entertaining guests and searching the internet.

While the kitchen work triangle zones are still very much in place, they are not necessarily in the shape of a triangle. And this is the big difference to bear in mind when planning kitchen layouts today.


Things to Consider When Planning Kitchen Work Zones

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The perfect kitchen layout is often determined by the number of people likely to be involved in the cooking process. If two or more family members typically enjoy preparing a big meal together then a more spacious kitchen floor plan will be needed to accommodate the different simultaneous tasks taking place.

Similarly, it’s important that the distance between the kitchen’s main functional areas is comfortable, being neither too close to one another (and therefore cramped and potentially dangerous) nor too far away.

Kitchen islands are a hugely popular feature in medium-sized and large kitchens. These need plenty of space on all four sides, making it easy to pull out drawers and work at the island countertop without someone being forced to squeeze past.

When it comes to functional placement, the kitchen sink is often considered first—the cleaning zone. This essential area provides a focal point for the floor plan and influences how the kitchen will ultimately be used.

Another essential work zone is the cooking area, or stove and oven. It’s usually sensible to place this zone on an exterior wall which allows for the easy installation of a ventilation system.

Finally, regardless of which kitchen layout you choose, food storage is another functional area that needs to be thoughtfully planned. To prevent clutter and improve efficiency, consider where you will place your essential kitchen accessories. Will you hide essential items in custom pantry-style units, walk-in closets, or place them in open shelving?

Wall hooks and overhead pot racks can also work wonders and add an extra level of aesthetic charm.


Popular Kitchen Layouts

So, what are some of the most popular kitchen layouts enjoyed throughout Dallas and the wider region?

Island or Double Island

Highland Park High-end Luxury Kitchen RemodelKitchen islands are an excellent way to make great use of a large kitchen space. They are an eye-catching feature and provide extra storage and surface area in the center of the room. Creating a layout based around a kitchen island is usually the best way forward if you have a spacious kitchen.

You can even have a double island where two islands sit next to one another. These islands might even be of varying sizes, styles, and heights and may fulfill different roles.


An L-shape kitchen layout is where two lines of worktops on two adjoining walls meet in one corner to form what looks like the letter “L”. This layout can work well in all kitchens, but it’s particularly suitable for smaller interiors. Many home cooking enthusiasts love this floorplan as it cuts down on kitchen traffic and keeps everything in a couple of key areas.

Further storage areas and worktops can be gained in the form of a kitchen island, pantry, or cabinets in other parts of the kitchen.


Hollywood Heights Vivid Kitchen RenovationA U-shape kitchen layout is where there are three lines of worktops along three successive walls forming the shape of the letter “U”. This kitchen floor plan is ideal for medium or large kitchens, but it can work for some smaller ones as well. The key is to ensure there’s plenty of floor space for more than one person to freely move about at the same time (a minimum of 10 feet from wall to wall).

The U-shape can be adapted to suit different kitchen features. One of the three worktop lines, for example, can be broken up with a doorway or pantry entryway.

Peninsula or G-Shape

A peninsula kitchen (or G-shape kitchen) layout is similar to the L-shape kitchen but features a countertop that juts inwards into the main floor space. They are commonly found in rectangular-shaped kitchens but can also work well in large open-plan kitchens of any shape. The peninsular provides similar benefits to an island, with extra space for storage, food prep, and social activities.

Single Wall

Lake Highlands Open Kitchen RemodelA single wall kitchen layout features all countertops and appliances on one wall. While it sounds restrictive, this kitchen floor plan can actually work wonders in a smaller kitchen and, when designed carefully, look fantastic. It can even be a wow-inducing statement piece in a more expansive kitchen interior.

The single wall kitchen layout usually features a refrigerator at one end and the oven at the other, with the sink, main food preparation space, and storage areas in the middle. Such a design can be complemented with a kitchen island or merge seamlessly into the dining space.


A galley kitchen layout is long and narrow in appearance and features two parallel walls of cabinets on either side of a walkway. Sometimes known as a walk-through kitchen, the galley style is ideal for smaller interiors where space is at a premium. Despite its potential size restrictions, the galley kitchen is a popular choice for many homeowners because it keeps everything within easy reach and separates the kitchen from the rest of the house.


Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Layout for Your Home

Are you looking to significantly change the layout of your kitchen interior?

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