In recent years, bathroom fixtures have risen to greater heights, far above function and mediocre features. Trends now reflect everything from water conservation and sustainability to comfort and aesthetics. As homeowners update their bathrooms, they look to unite these trends with convenience, practicality, and eco-friendly features. Their goals include creating a space that not only supports daily tasks but also creates a calming, spa-like environment.

If you’re looking to upgrade your fixtures, here’s the latest on what’s in and what’s out.

What’s In

Minimalist Design

Black-and-White-Modern-Bathroom-with-Double-Vanity-in-Midway-Highlands-DallasThe concept of “simpler is better” has merit, especially when it comes to the modern bathroom. Not only do the clean lines of minimalist design require less upkeep, but they also offer better flow and function for the everyday routine. This sleek, contemporary style offers a less cluttered, more relaxing space for every family member.

Minimalist fixtures are streamlined and efficient, pairing well with trending accessories to ensure a personalized, up-to-date look. This versatile bathroom design offers a timeless, long-lasting appeal that adds beauty and value to your home.

Floating Vanities

These unique vanities, a staple in minimalist design, are mounted on the wall, offering a floating effect. They provide many of the same features as traditional vanities and are available in various styles. Amenities include shelves, drawers, and interesting hardware. Find extra space beneath for radiant heat, or depending on its mounted height, storage for a child’s step stool.

Cleaning is simplified, with hard-to-reach corners more accessible than traditional vanities. Often used as the room’s focal point, these vanities will also complement the room’s other features such as a soaking tub or statement lighting.    

Statement Lighting

Contemporary Master Bathroom Remodel in Forest Bend, Dallas TXToday’s lighting goes beyond standard function; it offers nearly endless creative options for personalizing a bathroom of any size. Elevate your design with striking fixtures, like a sparkling chandelier or colorful pendant above a freestanding tub. Or highlight architectural details and custom tile with a flush mount fixture or wall sconces.

The right fixture can tie together other design elements, such as the vanity, tub, and shower, offering a cohesive look and flow. Quality lighting installed by a professional electrician adds depth and warmth, creating a personalized, inviting space. Attractive, strategically placed fixtures offer a relaxing yet eye-catching ambiance to the room.

Integrated Lighting

Primary Bathroom RemodelIntegrated lighting enhances the functionality of standard bathroom fixtures by offering superior illumination where you need it most. From built-in LED lights in mirrors and vanity cabinets to strips or recessed lights above the shower, they offer sufficient light for all your routine tasks.

LED lights are a practical choice that saves energy and reduces long-term utility costs. Their longevity goes far beyond their counterparts, making them a smart, budget-friendly option. Dimmable features offer the necessary light from dawn till dusk and beyond. Whether you’re preparing for work or relaxing in the tub, they’ll provide the right setting for any occasion.

Mixed Metals

Beige-and-White-Light-Bathroom-with-Copper-Shower-Fixtures-in-Bellbrook-Estates-DallasMixing metal finishes is another creative option that adds depth and personality. Random fixture choices can result in a messy, chaotic look, but when chosen carefully, they create a cohesive, stunning effect.

To avoid design mishaps, choose one dominant metal for two-thirds of the fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and towel bars. For the remaining one-third, choose a complementary metal, and use it for elements like the mirror frame, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware.

Avoid combining metals that resemble each other, such as brass and bronze. Instead, select metals from the opposite ends of the spectrum, such as oil-rubbed bronze and stainless steel. The contrast of the warm, brown tones and cool, brighter finish creates a unique, eye-catching combination.

While making selections, consider finishes and colors as well. Matte black fixtures, for example, provide a rich and subtle contrast to bold, shiny gold tones. Aim for metals that pair well together, making a pleasant, striking statement all your own.

Smart Fixtures

Smart Mirror

We see the benefits of technology everywhere, and the bathroom is no exception. From smart toilets with bidet functions and lid opening motion sensors, to shower heads and faucets that preheat and customize water temperature, technology supports your daily routine.

LED smart mirrors display weather and traffic updates, as well as daily appointment reminders. Programmable features include lighting with timers, dimmers, and motion sensors. Set the water temperature and pressure for the shower while listening to your favorite music on the smart speakers.

Air quality sensors now monitor humidity levels and allergens, and aromatherapy diffusers provide a subtle fragrance throughout the room. The smart scale measures weight and tracks body composition metrics, and the health monitor notes vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Water Saving Fixtures

With the emphasis on conservation, water-saving fixtures have become increasingly popular. Options include low-flow toilets that use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush and eco-friendly shower heads that use air-injection technology to cover more areas with less water.

Water conservation features are available for the sink as well, with aerated or touchless faucets. Aerated faucets use similar technology as the shower heads, combining water and air for a smoother, controlled flow. Touchless faucets are hands-free, operating only when sensors detect movement. These fixtures save water and energy without compromising performance and comfort.

What’s Out

Standard Chrome Fixtures

Outdated Chrome FaucetChrome fixtures, once a standard element in the bathroom, have declined in popularity. Often perceived as a sterile, outdated look, homeowners now seek fresh, newer alternatives.

These alternatives include elevated finishes like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black. Rich, warm options replace the stark shine of standard chrome, adding depth and updating the room.

Single Function Fixtures

The use of single-function fixtures is waning as homeowners seek practical options that offer enhanced comfort and convenience. Fixed and hand-held shower head combinations, for example, are popular, as are those offering spray settings that include rain shower, jet, and massage.

Other multi-functional choices include toilets with adjustable water pressure, heated seats, a warm air dryer, and automatic flush and cleaning features. These versatile fixtures save time, water, and energy costs, edging out their single-function counterparts.

Cluttered Spaces

Crowded bathroomCrowded, cluttered bathrooms are out, and organized, minimalist layouts are in as homeowners seek to maximize function and convenience. Floating vanities, multi-function fixtures, and hidden storage offer tidy, uncluttered solutions.

Medicine cabinets are making a comeback, providing updated storage to remove countertop clutter. Wall-mounted faucets are a space-saving feature as well, offering a unique look for bathrooms of any size. Efficient floor plans combined with a variety of these amenities banish clutter and streamline daily routines.

Putting it All Together

Naturally, when selecting fixtures, convenience and function are essential. Aesthetics should play a role as well, since the fixtures are a long-term investment. It’s not necessary to follow all the latest trends to find a healthy balance that suits your needs and style. If desired, seek guidance from an experienced designer or design-build firm. They’ll help you choose the right fixtures, ones that perfectly complement your design and lifestyle.

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