Chris Black comes across as a no-nonsense kind of guy. Straight-forward and to-the-point, he possesses a calm, level manner. Black is exactly the kind of person you’d put in charge of dismantling your family home. Because when he puts it back together, it’s a vision come to life.

Black is the engine behind Blackline Renovations, an award-winning residential remodeler. With a decade’s worth of experience in the commercial construction industry, he brings crucial elements of good planning and obsessive client management to the often hectic renovation game. The design in Black’s preferred design-build delivery comes from J Wiley Designs. Owner Jenifer Wiley Black just so happens to be his wife. Together with his team at Blackline, they’ve won numerous local and regional awards for their stunning renovation work.

When Renovation Emotions Run High
But it’s not all about awards and pretty pictures for Black. Anyone who’s been through a messy renovation knows that it can be a long road to get to the photo-worthy finish. The process can be uniquely stressful. Emotions run high, even under the best of circumstances. That’s where Black’s steady, organized approach makes all the difference.

“We help clients with the stress by initial proper planning, setting expectations before the job gets started, and keeping the client informed as the project unfolds,” Black said. He added that thoughtfulness goes a long way to soothing raw nerves. “Keeping the house as clean as possible also helps.”

Professional renovations don’t come cheaply, especially when you compare them with what Black calls “pickup truck contractors.” But to Black’s clients, the experience and the product end up well worth the extra cost. “All of these steps take a little extra time and resources,” he said. “But when you are tearing into somebody’s house, this little bit of extra dedication can make a world of difference in how they handle what is inevitably a stressful time.”

Black describes himself as detailed, honest, and organized – traits that almost seem old fashioned in business today. And naturally, to his clients, those are precisely the reasons they hire him again. It’s why nearly all of Black’s business comes from repeat clients.

“It may sound simple,” he said. “But our goal at the beginning of every project is to make sure we have a happy client at the end of the job. It is amazing that so few companies keep that focus in mind throughout. I believe it is something that distinguishes Blackline from most other renovation firms.”

This article was originally published in Candy’s Dirt