Upgrade Your Bathroom

In today’s society, almost everything is powered by technology — including the bathroom. When you want to make your bath a little more cutting edge, simplify your daily routines or add pleasure to your toilette, the latest technology could be the answer. From shower speakers to soft-closing toilet lids, here are a few products worth considering for your next bathroom remodel.


For the Shower
Today’s showers are more than just places to wash away the day’s grime. Thanks to technology, you now can choose from showers that steam open your pores, surround you with sound, drench you in a gentle torrent and more. Here are some possibilities you may enjoy:

  • Rainfall shower head — Offering a more relaxing showering experience, a rainfall shower head allows you to direct the falling water from above or angle it toward you.
  • Shower mirror — Have you ever wished for a better way to shave in the shower? A fogless shower mirror is just the solution. It provides better visibility for daily grooming tasks, all while you’re enjoying the comfort of a warm water spray.
  • Installed shower speakers — You’ll look forward to your morning shower when it’s accompanied by your favorite tunes. Shower speakers make it possible to amp up the music while you get clean, boosting your energy level and setting your mood for the entire morning.
  • Shower or vanity smart TV — Even better than streaming music is the ability to watch a favorite TV show or movie while in the bathroom. Thanks again to technology, you can stay abreast of the morning news, keep tabs on your favorite talk show or continue binge-watching that must-see series while you’re doing your makeup or nails.
  • Steam shower – A luxurious steam shower opens your pores, soothes your muscles and recreates the spa experience in the comfort of your own home. If you enjoy taking long showers, a steam shower is a must for your bathroom.


For the Toilet
Today’s high-tech toilets feature all kinds of specialty touches. Want a toilet with a heated seat or touch-free flushing? Looking for one that has an automatic lid or an air-purifying system? Dream up the features that you’ve never seen but always wanted in a toilet and today’s technology has likely made them a reality. Here are a few possibilities for making this essential piece of bathroom equipment more luxurious:

  • Automatic open/close lids — Tired of that banging sound every time you release the toilet seat? An automatic open/close lid will eliminate it. The lids are designed to automatically open when you approach and quietly close just seconds after you’re finished using the toilet.
  • Touch-free flushing — With a touch-free flushing system, you don’t have to press anything to make the toilet flush. Instead, you simply wave your hand in front of a sensor and it takes care of the rest.
  • Air-purifying systems — Keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean at all times with an automatic air purifier. It uses motion sensors to know when you enter and leave the room.
  • Heated seats — Treat yourself to the luxury of a warm toilet seat even in the middle of a cold winter night. A heated seat adds comfort to one of the most utilitarian parts of the bathroom.
  • Bidets — Already beloved in Europe and Asia, bidets eliminate the need for toilet paper, making them an eco-friendly way to practice proper hygiene at home. Possibilities range from basic to tricked out, with various spray jets, deodorizers and even dryers available.


For the Bathroom
There are more opportunities to update your bath beyond the basic fixtures. Check out these great ways to use today’s technology to make your space more comfortable:

  • Dimmable or smart light fixtures — Being able to change your bath’s lighting level is about more than mood and ambiance. By installing dimmable or smart lights, you can conserve energy, adjust lighting to the task at hand — bright lights when you’re shaving or applying makeup, dimmed lights for an evening bath — and more.
  • Soaking tub — Great for unwinding at the end of a long day, a soaking tub is a luxury feature that comes in a wide range of options. Today’s techie tubs include everything from touch controls to ergonomic designs, all offering you an even greater level of at-home comfort.
  • LED lights — These may not seem like a luxury but using LED lights above the vanity or as ceiling lights can save energy and limit toxic mercury in your bathroom.


Remodeling Your Bathroom

There are so many ways to use technology to upgrade today’s bathroom spaces, as the above examples demonstrate. So, when you’re looking to add amenities that will take your bathroom to the next level, consider all that today’s high-tech products have to offer. Whether your idea of luxury is a self-closing toilet, a relaxing steam shower or a vanity TV, you’ll wonder how you lived without it once your bathroom renovation is complete. At Blackline Renovations, we’ll help you bring your dream bathroom into the real world. Tell us about your renovation project ideas today!



Author bio: Erica Garland is Content Marketing Manager at Modern Bathroom and has 15 years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry. Modern Bathroom sells a variety of products you would need for any bathroom renovation project. With such a large selection of vanities, faucets, sinks, toilets and showers, Modern Bathroom is sure to have the perfect piece to give your bathroom an updated look.