NARI CotY 2014 Greater Dallas and Regional Winner

Residential Kitchen Over $120,000

COTY 2014 Reginal Kitchen Interior Winter


Client Objectives:

  • Modify the layout of the kitchen to make it more open to the office/media room.
  • Complete the project within the projected time frame
  • Upgrade all finishes: new appliances were the homeowners main concern

Contractor Solutions:

  •  The architectural plan focused on creating a balanced and open layout while providing a visual separation between the spaces.
  • We provided the homeowner with a detailed schedule at the beginning of
    the project. Weekly progress meetings kept the homeowners informed of any delays we were expecting or could potentially come up during that week.
  • All materials on this project were hand selected by the owners with help from interior designers throughout the duration of the project. All appliances were hand selected by the homeowners to ensure their satisfaction.

This remodel originated with the client’s desire to update their existing appliances and grew to incorporate the entire kitchen layout and finishes. The homeowner disliked the way the kitchen was so excluded from the other rooms in the down stairs, and the all of the foot traffic due to the layout. After finalizing the plan with the architect and interior designers, the homeowner bought us in to complete their dream kitchen.


Bar Before


Kitchen Before

Wet Bar with Custom Mosaic Tile Backsplash in Preston Hollow Dallas

Bar After

Kitchen with Quartz Counter and Viking Range in Preston Hollow Dallas

Kitchen After


Existing Floor Plan:
The original floor plan for the kitchen was fairly open but completely isolated the living area/office and ultimately made the 1st floor feel very enclosed. The singular hallway leading to the laundry room, pool bath, and study was narrow and directed all of the traffic through one side of the kitchen. Also, the L-shaped stairs lead directly into the middle of the kitchen which obstructed the flow of traffic between the kitchen and eating area.

New Layout:
The new floor plan was designed to improve the circulation throughout this portion of the first floor. By opening up the kitchen to the surrounding rooms and limiting the foot traffic of the kitchen we were able to create separated but connected spaces that compliment each other.

Existing Floorplan

Existing Kitchen Floor Plan

Proposed Floorpan

Proposed Kitchen Floor Plan

Final Floor Plan:
The new floor plan created a better traffic flow by opening up the kitchen more to the other areas. The new dividing wall between the kitchen space and the bar/pantry created a hallway to direct the circulation and minimize the foot traffic in the kitchen. In addition, we extended the staircase in a straight run along with the adjacent kitchen wall to separate the heavy traffic from the kitchen area. The pair of large pocket doors into the living space and another cased opening to access the coat closet fully incorporated the previously “detached” rooms into the kitchen space but allowed for closing the area off for entertaining.

The new layout for the kitchen encompasses a large island, more than twice the size of the original island and includes an informal eating area. Relocating the refrigerator allowed for more continuous counter space along the kitchen perimeter.

Material Selections: 
The vent hood with custom duct cover provides both function and beauty for the kitchen. Instead of using the Viking duct covers which would have shown horizontal seams, the homeowner opted to have a custom cover created. The single piece of stainless steelmolded to create a crisp and clean look. 

Many modifications to the cabinetry including soft close doors and drawers and pull out shelves really make the storage in this kitchen easily accessible for all members of the family. 

Lighting Layout

Viking Vent Hood & Custom Duct Cover

We created a new lighting plan to focus on two main conditions. Increase the general lighting to brighten up the new kitchen, and increase the task and accent lighting to make the space more functional. A combination of recessed can lights, directional can lights, led under counter lights, and 2 large pendant lights coupled with the natural lighting brought in by the large windows and new floor plan layout, really brighten up the space. All closet and pantry doors were fitted with jamb switches to make operation more functional and convenient for the homeowner. 

Lighting & Switching Plan

General Lighting
We reoriented the existing can lights and added several more around the perimeter of the kitchen and over the central island to maximize the general lighting in the kitchen.

Natural Lighting
Although the kitchen had great natural light to begin with, by opening up the room to the adjacent living space we were able to take advantage of the light being brought in by those windows which complimented the open kitchen further.

Task Lighting
We removed the harsh fluorescent under counter lights and replaced them with warm led strip lights which accents the neutral countertops and provides excellent light for food preparation and cooking. We also added multiple directional can lights to accent the new, hand-finished cabinets and the pendant lighting the homeowners decided to reuse.


Design and Craftsmanship:
The aesthetics of this kitchen were really a main focus of this project. The homeowner hired 2 interior designers she had previously worked with to create the perfect atmosphere for her new kitchen. After falling in love with the quartz slab for the large kitchen island, everything in the kitchen was coordinated from the backsplash tile to the hardwood flooring.

This kitchen is a good combination of modern finishes with traditional appeal. A simple elegance, creating a warm and inviting space while still maintaining a formal look.

One of the unique features in the bar was the use of remnants from the honed marble countertop slab in the hand cut tile mosaic backsplash. Substituting the lighter emperador marble with the other darker marble pieces really made the backsplash compliment the overall look of the project.

Custom Mosaic Backsplash & Honed Countertop

Evidence of Superior Craftmanship

The blue macayuba quartz slab provides the centerpiece on which this kitchen was built. The simple edge detail really allows the beauty of the slab to become the focal point. All of the colors used in this project were derived from it. The beautiful hand glazed ceramic backsplash tile provides and elegant background for the outstanding cabinets. Rift-cut oak with a 4 step hand-finish complete these beaded inset cabinets.

Coordinating crown molding around the full-height cabinets really makes the cabinets stand out like furniture against the simple grass cloth walls with painted trim. Gorgeous honed marble countertops complete the perimeter of the kitchen and bar. The fully inset appliances with custom door panels blend the large appliances into the background to let the stainless steel range and vent hood stand out. Both are complimented by the large stainless steel sink and faucet sitting opposite on the island.


Hardwood Flooring:
When the time came to install the hardwood flooring, we ran into a couple of tough issues.

After the removal of the Saltillo tile, we discovered the concrete floor was damaged and uneven. Also, after testing the moisture content of the slab, it was determined to be too high for glue down adhesives. Unfortunately, if we installed a subfloor and a nail down hardwood floor, the reoriented stairs would not conform to code and would need to be re built.

Secondly we had a lot of difficulty locating a 5” wide, random length plank of rift cut and quarter sawn white oak flooring that had been specified by the designers. After much research we were able to find engineered hardwood flooring with the correct overall thickness and the same re finishing surface as a standard nail down floor.

We floated the concrete floor to create a smooth, flat surface and then used a special adhesive to glue down the wood flooring.

The orientation of the hardwood flooring was a very unique decision. Instead of running the hardwood flooring in one direction continuously throughout the kitchen and adjacent rooms, the designers suggested we install the flooring in opposing directions so as to create a visual division between the rooms while keeping the open feel be tween them.

The most unique feature of this kitchen is the beautiful cabinetry. The designers of this project came to us with their idea and trusted us to make it a reality. After researching several different cabinet manufacturers and options for prefinished cabinets, we determined the best option would be to have the cabinets custom finished in the field. We chose a rift-cut white oak for the kitchen perimeter cabinets. The artist presented us with several samples of different ways to complete the ceruse finish. The homeowner and designers ultimately chose the most natural way, bringing out the natural character in the wood the cabinets were made of. A multi-step process took approximately 3 weeks to complete and involved hand scraping the wood to bring out the grain, applying a lime coat, and finally sealing the completed cabinet. The same artist completed the finish on the island. The contrasting island really accents the beautiful slab. The artist custom mixed the paint for the island in order to match the hand glazed backsplash tile and quartz slab.


We ran into several difficult obstacles while completed this project that we were able to solve and still complete the project in the projected time frame.

Island Plumbing & Electrical:
When we first began running the plumbing and electrical for the island we had to break up the post tensioned slab. Due to the recessed portion of the island for a bar seating area, we were concerned about stubbing the plumbing and electrical out in the correct location so it would be covered once we installed the island. We meticulously measured from each wall and doorway location, laying out the cabinets and spacing in order to ensure the correct location.

During construction we ran into a problem orienting the can lights per the architectural plans. The ceiling joist spacing and the location of the vent hood duct made locating and installing the can lights per the plan was impossible. To solve this we eliminated the central directional can near the bookshelf and increased the spacing of the remaining two. After relocating the vent hood duct to the side we aligned the other can lights with the two directional cans.


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